Graphenera Joint Venture

In June 2016, LWP announced that it had entered into a 50/50 Joint Venture of patent pending Aluminium-Graphene Synthesis and battery technology. I true LWP style, scarce details were released but bold headlines like ‘future $1 Billion company” and ’20c-25c price target’ were thrown around by the LWP directors. A billion dollars purchased for $1.6million sounds like quite the bargain, right?

Shareholders thought it unlikely that a technology that would have Elon Musk quaking at his knees would wind up at LWP of all places so decided to commission their own research and found a few worrying facts. The JV partner, Viktor Volkov, just so happens to be the father of a Hells Angel bikie and there was serious doubt over the ownership of the patents to the technology. These concerns were forwarded to LWP who claimed to have conducted their own further investigations. On 7 July 2016, LWP attempted to calm nervous investors.

This differed significantly from what was found by shareholders:

“Viktor Volkov is a conman and a thief.”

“Victor Volkov never was a scientist, he was Soviet diplomat and deals nothing with chemistry.”

The Joint Venture ticked along for another few months until a Hot Copper member posting under the alias bearcub appeared with some interesting photos of the Joint Venture laboratory in Thailand. This laboratory was full of fake equipment with its star attraction being a set of soft serve ice cream machines, one labelled ‘Alkaline Electrolyte’, one labelled ‘Graphene NanoParticle’.

Could a revolutionary new battery be poured into an ice cream bowl after a feast at the salad bar at Sizzlers? It cam as no surprise that the Joint Venture was terminated by LWP the very next day, although they claimed it was for completely non-related reasons and are still looking to move to 100% ownership of the patents. Well patent pending as there are no patent.

The ones who did the best out of this whole fairy tale were LWP employees who were granted shares in lieu of pay days before the Joint Venture was announced allowing them to sell into the sharp volume spike that followed. Well played.

Addendum to Yesterdays Update on the Court Case LWP Technologies vs VVV Technologies

Yesterday we outlined some information we were sent regarding the upcoming Court Case of LWP Technologies vs VVV Technologies, the former JV Partners for GraphenEra, this is an addendum to yesterdays update. The GraphenEra Joint Venture carried a weight of suspicion since it was first announced on 14 June 2016. After all, a future billion …

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LWP Technologies Court Case Vs VVV Technologies

Will the LWP Technologies Court Case result in Viktor Volkov being made to cancel his shares and refund the money or has a convenient escape clause been provided to satisfy both parties? On 30/01/2017 LWP Technologies announced that it had filed proceedings in the Supreme Court against Viktor Volkov as a result of the GraphenEra Joint …

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