Equity Investments

In the 2016 Financial Year

LWP announced that it had invested a total of $1,856,000 in equity investments. At the time, these ‘investments’ were undisclosed although were later revealed to be a $1,000,000 investment in ASX shares as well as a $500,000 investment into Franchise Retail Brands and initial investments into the GraphenEra Joint Venture.

While the exact makeup of all these investments is mostly unknown, the uncertainty was enough for the ASX to place LWP on monthly cashflow reporting requirements, the only company we can find that has to submit these upon the ASX’s request.

Shareholders were able to uncover a number of investments LWP had made which were mostly as capital raise participants alongside Martin Place Securities who also happened to be the advisor for the failed GraphenEra investment. Once bitten, twice shy?

Company Number of Shares Average Daily Turnover
AHK – Ark Mines 884,000 34,923
ANW – AusTin Mining 1,500,000
ASP – Aspermont 13,350,000 291,815
MGT – Magnetite Mines 4,150,000
MUS – Mustang Resources 1,920,000
PNX – PNX Metals 7,700,000 2,249,000
TRM – Truscott Mining 1,150,000
ZGM – Zamia Metals 4,921,985 In Suspension